How to become a Corporate Supporter

To become a corporate supporter, please fill out our registration form.
Share your details such as company logo, company name, contact name, email, phone number and website
Declare your status by letting us know if you are a new supporter or an existing supporter intending to renew

Confirm your Support Level

Patron: $1,000 annually - far-sighted companies who have the vision to see beyond ‘the way we've always done
things'. Patrons of any size are welcome, however, this level is recommended for larger companies.

Sponsor: $500 annually - recommended for smaller companies.

Once your online form has been received we will follow up with you for any additional details.

Corporate Supporter benefits include invitations to the Green Building Forum, updates on our educational programs,
information about community events, and acknowledgement on our website with a logo linked to your website.


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Every little bit counts when it comes to a charity like Greenrock!
Donations help us fund the day-to-day operations of the organisation, allowing us to maintain our existing programmes while exploring new programmes for the future.