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Greenrock deliver the HSBC Water Explorer programme, and our internationally recognised Eco-Schools programme helps schools become a greener place to learn.
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Greenrock offers support and guidance to any organization interested in greening their workplace. We host the Green Building Forum and Green Workplace Awards.
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Prospect Primary Opens Carol Smith Reading Garden

Prospect Prospect Primary is participating in Greenrock's Eco-Schools programme, pursuing the Biodiversity Pathway. In mid-May Prospect Primary, after help from KBB, Deloitte's and the Department of Parks, officially opened their garden, in memory of a late staff member, Carol Smith. What was a neighbourhood dumping ground years ago has been transformed into a clean and colourful outdoor space for students to read, explore, and tend to the plants - of which almost 20 are edible.

Belco rate rise - we all need to be part of the conversation

BELCO demand curves 1Let's just start by acknowledging that we are all in this together: we use electricity where and when we want, Belco responds to our demand by investing in generators to supply the electricity that we want, and the Government decides how much we pay them for the convenience. The electricity system is a dance between all the participants – how and when we use electricity makes a very big difference to how Belco operates; how and for what they get paid makes a very big difference to what they care about.

Taking Housing from From Energy Hog to Net Zero in Less Than Ten Days

dutch net zero housingWhat if you could change your decades-old house into a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient home in less than ten days without having to move out or pay extra? Does it sound too good to be true? That's exactly what a consortium of construction companies and social housing corporations are doing in the Netherlands.

Good Samaritan Law & Food Security

good samaritan lawGood Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. Simply put, it offers legal protection to good samaritans. Most developed countries have this legislation in place, in one form of another, but Bermuda does not. The first Good Samaritan Act for Bermuda will go before Parliament for approval this May.

Why does Bermuda need a Good Samaritan Act?

Mutiny to Marine Reserve

Mangareva AerialOn Tuesdays a propeller aircraft can take passengers from the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia to Mangareva, Tahiti's French Polynesian neighbour, and the largest island in the Gambier Islands chain.

A short ferry journey from the Mangreva's airport takes passengers to Rikitea village where, if timed correctly, the MV Claymore II, a 160-foot passenger and cargo ship, will be waiting. 8 times a year she takes 12 passengers (and cargo) on the 32-hour, 200-mile journey to Pitcairn Island.

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