What is the Earth Hour Expo?

The Earth Hour Expo has been developed to provide a public platform for businesses in the green economy to showcase energy efficient products and services to the broader community.  As a result the general public will be given an excellent opportunity to learn, first hand, how the featured technologies can save them money and improve their everyday lives. The ultimate goal of the expo is to ensure that the knowledge shared, by the participating vendors, leads to more informed choices and the increased utilization of energy efficient technologies in homes, businesses, schools, government properties and community projects.


Why should my business participate?

By participating in the Expo, you and your business will be supporting a worthy initiative, and exposing your brand to a broad audience. Engaging with like-minded professionals and organizations will create great networking opportunities and provide a platform to gain media exposure through press coverage and presence on the Greenrock website.  In the past our Earth Hour celebrations have attracted up to 550 participants and with the variety of activities planned this year we expect to draw even larger crowds.


How can we get involved?

We encourage all vendors that offer energy efficient products and services, such as LED lighting, energy star appliances, electric vehicles, timers, monitors and controls to register for the Earth Hour Expo by clicking here.


Expo Registration Fees

Option 1: Bring Your Own Booth (BYOB) $100
Company to participate in the Expo and provide their own tent, tables and chairs

Option 2: Standard Vendor Booth $300

Company to participate in the Expo and be provided with one 10’ x 10’ tent, one 6’ table and two chairs.

Option 3: Large Vendor Booth $500

Company to participate in the Expo and be provided with one 15’ x 15’ tent, two 6’ tables and four chairs.


What’s included in your registration?

Booth space at the Expo on the North Lawn in Dockyard

Company Logo on the Greenrock website with a link to your website or product details

Four (4) Event Packages including official t-shirts, bags, and complimentary access to the 5K Glow Fun Walk

Access to media appearances (radio, tv or print interviews) during the month long campaign


Please note the following:

  • All booths will be ready for vendors to setup by 12 noon on the day of the event
  • Vendor registration fees must be paid by Monday, March 25th to secure a booth
  • Vendor registration fees are non-refundable

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