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Greenrock's first annual Green Workplace Awards sets out to recognize all types of businesses and individuals for their environmental and sustainability efforts – the first of its kind for Bermuda. Our goal is to highlight steps taken – large and small – that help to make a difference in reducing energy consumption and embrace other 'green' behaviours in the workplace.

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We will be accepting entries (Statements of Intent) from small and large businesses in the following categories: Tenants, Owner-Occupier, Building Manager, Hospitality, Retail and Other. In addition, we will be accepting entries for a "Green Champion", recognizing an individual who has put in outstanding effort to reduce the environmental impact of their company.

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Click here to download the Green Workplace Awards Entry Form. Further details and criteria required are enclosed.

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NOTE -- IMPORTANT DEADLINES (chronological):

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• Statement of Intent (for Performance Data): on or before Friday, April 29

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• Green Champion: on or before Thursday, June 30

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Final submission with Performance Data: on or before Friday, July 15

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