This year the route for the Earth Hour 5K Glow Fun Walk and Run starts and ends at City Hall and goes throughout the City of Hamilton and 'west Hamilton'.

  1. Circle around City Hall and exit through the back (north) parking lot onto Victoria Street.
  2. Go down Victoria Street and make a left (north) on Wesley Street, a right (east) onto Park road, and a left (north) onto Washington Lane and into Victoria Park from the Dundonald Street Entrance.
  3. Loop around the Victoria Park gazebo and exit onto the western gate onto Washington Lane.
  4. Turn left (south) and up the hill to Victoria Street.
  5. Turn left (east) along Victoria Street to Parliament Street.
  6. Make a right turn (south) on Parliament Street onto Front Street.
  7. Turn right (west) onto Front Street and proceed to Albouys Point.
  8. Go around the HSBC bank at Albouys Point, cut across Front Street and go straight up (north) Par-la-ville Road.
  9. At the top of Par-la-ville, go around the marker and go back down (south) Par-la-ville to Front Street.
  10. Go right (west) and then up (north) Bermudiana Road to the junction with Gorham Road.
  11. Go left (west) up Gorham Road to Woodbourne Avenue.
  12. Take a left (south) down Woodbourne Avenue to Pitts Bay Road.
  13. Take a right (west) onto Pitts Bay Road to the Waterfront Property courtyard (opposite Barcadi Headquarters).
  14. Turn back and head east along Pitts Bay Road, continuing along Front Street to Court Street.
  15. Loop through Cabinet grounds onto Parliament Street.
  16. Turn right (north) up Parliament Street to Victoria Street.
  17. Turn left (west) onto Victoria Street all the way to Wesley Street.
  18. Turn left (south) on Wesley Street to Church Street.
  19. Turn left (east) on Church Street and end at City Hall lawn.


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