This year's 5k Glow Fun Walk & Run is being held at Dockyard

See the map for more details!

  1. Leave the North Lawn from by the fountain, head in front of Clocktower Mall and straight along the front (along Freeport Drive) to Cross Island.
  2. Go around the perimeter of Cross Island and onto Pender Road.
  3. Enter Moresby Plain through the entrance to Westgate Correctional Facility.
  4. Complete the loop around Moresby Plain and then proceed towards Anchor Restaurant Bar & Lounge, then loop behind Clocktower Mall via Smithery Lane.
  5. Go along Smithery Lane and continue as it changes into Camber Lane, going past the Bermuda Glass Blowing Factory towards the Maritime Museum.
  6. Continue along Maritime Lane past Frog & Onion and on to Bonefish.
  7. Go past Bonefish along Dockyard Terrace, past the entrance to the Victualling Yard (where the Yoga Glow Flow will be happening!) and turn left back towards the North Lawn.
  8. Enter the North Lawn - you're done!


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