School Roadshow: A Standing Ovation

Eugene Dean

Somersfield Academy invited the Greenrock School Roadshow to visit during their environment day celebrations in June. This school is already a leader in promoting environmental awareness, but they needed and wanted more support to keep up this mindset.

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The Roadshow crew arrived thinking it would be the usual assembly-style presentation. This time was different. The Somersfield students were giving their own presentations on the importance of being aware of the dangers of certain plastic water bottles and the consumerism attitude we have so quickly adopted when it comes to buying bottled water. They were also discussing green labels and what they actually mean. In short, the Roadshow crew had a lot to learn from them. How refreshing!

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Somersfield studentsWe were welcomed with open arms and intelligent discussion on sustainable development. In most cases, the Roadshow presentation is given and then questions are addressed at the end. Not in this case – it was completely interactive from start to finish.

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Roadshow member Eugene Dean has a special ability to reach his audience and touch on something meaningful to them. He had the Somersfield audience at the edge of their seats and received a well-deserved standing ovation after continuing well over the allotted time.

Greenrock hopes to build on the success of the School Roadshow and visit more schools and events within the community. If you are interested in inviting the Roadshow to your school, afterschool group, PTA meeting or even school camp, please do not hesitate to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up an appointment.

Greenrock is changing the mindset one mind at a time!

More information about the Greenrock School Roadshow

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