Fast food with a small footprint
A restaurant in London is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to lowering its carbon footprint. Click here to watch.

From rooftop to table top
CNN's Richard Roth reports on a New York restaurant with its own farm on the roof. Click here to watch.

Vertical farming grows high and cheap
An English zoo may hold the key to growing food close to need. CNN's Jim Boulden reports. Click here to watch.

A city's dedication to recycling
CNN's Richard Quest looks at how Curitiba, Brazil became a world leader in recycling garbage. Click here to watch.

Feminine response to a financial crash
Halla Tomasdottir gets her company through a financial storm by applying five feminine values to financial services. Click here to watch.

Will you drive to the plug or the pump?
CNN's Martin Savidge speaks to "the car coach" about the growing market for electric cars. Click here to watch.

Boat traveling the world never refuels
The world's largest solar powered boat is traveling on it's maiden voyage around the world. WSVN reports. Click here to watch.

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