The Interconnection Policy allows homeowners with alternative energy systems up to 15 kilowatts (kW) to sell excess power back to BELCO. Solar Bermuda has called the Policy “a huge step forward” for the renewable energy business in Bermuda and is proud to be the first local renewable energy company to officially “net meter” their clients allowing them to sell back that excess energy.

3.9 kW - Devonshire

Once the electricity produced by a customer’s solar system has powered the necessary household loads, net metering allows any excess power that would previously have been lost and wasted, to be sent back to BELCO. Each kW hour of excess power produced during the day earns customers a kW hour credit against any future BELCO power consumption.

Andrew Davis, Solar Bermuda’s Operations Manager, said two clients are already feeding electricity back into the grid with 10 more expected to be online in December and a further seven systems due to be installed and interconnected in the New Year.

Solar Bermuda clients Michael Mello, who has a 3.9 kW Photovoltaic system at his Devonshire home, and Arlene Simons of Warwick, who runs a 2.4 kW Photovoltaic system, presently produce an annual average of 19kW and 12kW of power a day respectively. Both homeowners also benefit from solar hot water systems.

Mr. Davis said: “Our clients are already seeing real benefits. During the first two days of using net metering, Mr. Mello consumed 27 kW of power from Belco, and sent 16kW back to the grid, giving him a net two-day total of 11kW.

“The beauty of a solar system is that it continues to produce power whether you use it or not and being able to feed this back into the grid is another great incentive to invest in a renewable energy system. Before, there was no way for homeowners to utilise the excess power. Now, by effectively using BELCO as a rechargeable battery, that valuable energy will not go to waste.”

“BELCO deserves a lot of credit for implementing this very progressive programme. Solar Bermuda appreciates BELCO’s co-operation not only in facilitating the interconnection policy but all the individuals involved with the interconnection procedure.”

“We expect a lot more people will now look seriously at installing alternative energy systems because of the Policy. Homeowners are less restricted in the size of their system and they will be able to see a better return on their investment.

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