Speaking yesterday, Dr Judith Landsberg of Greenrock, who co-organised the competition with the Bermuda National Trust, said they were impressed by the quality and creativity of the entries.

"We were surprised by how good the videos were," Dr Lansberg said. "They ranged from deliberately documentary style to ones made quickly with a single idea.

"The judge's were quite varied, but they all had Lara's video in the top two or three. It's a very simple but appealing visual.

"She conveys her message very, very simply in a way that's quite poetic."

Dr Lansberg also noted several other entries, including "One in Every Five Breaths," a documentary produced by Bermuda College students which won the Most Informative Award, "Marsh Folly," put together by Saltus students honoured for best use of medium, and "Saving Electricity," created by Tia Froud and India Wilson of Warwick Academy, which was called the most likely to inspire action.

"They just went around their school in the afternoon and just turned off lights," Dr Lansberg said. "It is a very simple concept, but very effective."

Warwick Academy was also honoured by producing the most entries, with four student videos produced by the schools.

Student teams from Dellwood, Mount St and CedarBridge Academy were also recognised for their contributions.

A total of 57 students produced 16 videos. While the students were given free range to tackle whatever subjects interested them, Dr Lansberg noted that trash seemed to be a focal point for many of the films.

All of the entries can be viewed here.

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