A KBB spokeswoman said that the Adopt-A-Spot program is similar to the Rockwatcher's Programme, which was popular on the Island years ago.

Through the programme, individuals or organisation can sign up to clean a specific area, be it a street, park, nature reserve part of the Railway Trail.

"KBB offers to supply trash bags, blue recycling bags and disposable gloves to groups that 'adopt a spot," the spokeswoman said. "They can also help arrange disposal of collected debris.

"KBB's mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education.

"Everyone living here or visiting from abroad has the right to enjoy a litter-free island.

"It is equally true that every person has a responsibility to protect our beautiful island and help keep it litter-free."

The three largest groups that have already signed up are the Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Francis Patton Primary School and the Atlantic Phoenix Lodge, who have adopted the Southampton Railway Trail, Shelly Bay Beach and North Shore, Devonshire respectively.

KBB Executive Director Anne Hyde said: "We are excited by the positive response and the number of groups who are adopting spots.

"Many people have been looking after an area and doing cleanups on a regular, sometimes even daily basis, and we are urging them to make their commitment 'official' by signing KBB's Adopt-A-Spot agreement form."

If you are interested in "adopting" a spot, contact KBB at 295-5142 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Useful website: www.kbb.bm.

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