Speaking with The Royal Gazette yesterday about the results of Monday’s election, organisations including Greenrock, the Family Centre and the Bermuda Public Services Union all called for the new Government to consult with stakeholders as it sets its plan for the future.


Dr Judith Lansberg, President of environmental group Greenrock, said she hoped the One Bermuda Alliance will quickly make a decision on proposals to replace the Tyne’s Bay incinerator and move forward with the Bermuda Blue Halo project.

“After that the new Government should address their own energy use as a matter of urgency for a number of reasons both economic and environmental,” Dr Lansberg said. “Energy-audits of schools and Government buildings highlighting energy savings measures such as raising the set-point of air-conditioning a couple of degrees could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in electricity charges.

“They have the Energy White Paper to get this started. Addressing our energy use as an island will also reduce our contribution to global climate change, an issue which is increasingly urgent and which was highlighted by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.”

She also expressed hope that the Government will make it a priority to consult with community groups like Greenrock who are working to make Bermuda successful and sustainable.

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