After much deliberation and numerous conversations with our sponsors, partners and cultural representatives we have decided to postpone CultureFest “Unity in the Community” and “Walk the Talk” the 10K Walk for Men & Children until July 21st & 22nd.  The prospect of hosting such an event over the Father’s Day and National Heroes Day Weekend is something that we have all been looking forward to; however, with the event being so open and spread around the property in Dockyard the current inclement weather presents an immediate challenge to several of the planned activities and a natural deterrent to numerous residents who we know wish to participate and attend.  Yes, we understand that weather in Bermuda can be extremely unpredictable at times; however the growing interest in CultureFest from all sectors of the community has proven just how critical it is for us to come together in celebration of our culture.  With this in mind we all agree that an initiative of this magnitude is far too important to leave to chance.

We are so thankful to everyone for all of the positive comments we have received coupled with the numerous offers we’ve had from the community to give support.  Over the past few days we have been inundated with interest in participation, some from persons who just recently learned of the initiative and others who are interested but unable to participate due to other commitments over the holiday weekend.  Although we have managed to pull together an awesome selection of exhibits, artists, vendors, walkers and entertainers, family commitments during the holiday period have proven to be a consistent challenge for several interested parties who have either limited their participation or been forced to decline.

Upon reflection we’ve had to acknowledge that CultureFest is far more than an event, it is a program designed to bring the entire country together and in that light we have a responsibility to take heed to your feedback and do all that we can to involve as many people and organizations as possible.  Although disappointment is unavoidable in these instances, we are confident that in the midst of such challenging times everyone will come to appreciate the courage we have shown to make what has been an extremely difficult decision in a genuine effort to be true to the aims and objectives of our program which is to bring people together in peace, unity and love.

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