SustainabilityThe Department of Sustainable Development has created four Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which it plans to circulate throughout the community in the coming months in order to reinforce for the public the principles of Sustainable Development (SD) by providing real faces, voices and activities that individuals and groups can relate to and participate in.

Ultimately, the goal of the four PSA’s is to stimulate change in the community through positive lifestyle adjustments that are in-line with the SD principles.


The Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Marc Bean said: “I would like to congratulate the Sustainable Development Department for their constant efforts in ensuring that we take a holistic perspective with regards to the development of our policies by fully considering the social, economic and environmental implications of our actions, in order to preserve the quality of life of Bermuda’s current and future generations.

“It is my vision that SD will become fully embedded in the way that we plan for and live in Bermuda. Therefore I would like to invite the whole community to absorb the content of the PSA’s and their key messages and to find ways to apply these messages.”

The PSAs, which have already been shown on local TV, were the brain-child of Mr. Stratton Hatfield who was, up until recently, a member of the Sustainable Development Roundtable (SDRT). He joined the SDRT shortly after graduating from the Savannah College of Art. He graciously volunteered to create this series of PSA’s to simplify and spread the SD message in an appealing way to Bermuda.

All of the PSAs were written by Mr. Hatfield with some guidance from the Sustainable Development Department (SDD) and friends of SDD. Bermudian filmmaker, Milton Raposo then brought the series to life with his camera skills. Mr. Raposo has been producing for more than eight years and the SDD was thrilled to have someone with his caliber working on the project.

The main actors in the four videos are referred to as “The Young Minds” and are Bermudian Middle and Senior School students that introduce the audience to the topic of Sustainable Development. They are: Kaleb Phillips, Nadia Resendes, Jyhair Tucker-Bell, Bryan Wedlich, and Niger Young.

The first PSA (‘SD 101’) provides a brief overview of SD and its three pillars: economic, environmental and social. It emphasizes that the decisions we make today will influence the quality of life for residents of Bermuda in the future. The remaining PSAs are vignettes that focus on each one of the three pillars.

The second centers around the theme of ‘Strong Families’ and highlights the ‘Social’ pillar of SD. It promotes the importance of families spending time together and reinforcing our culture and passing on Bermudian traditions.

A spokesperson said: “The third PSA is about Economic Sustainability and speaks to the importance of making wise financial decisions. One scene features two young men buying food at the grocery store with one buying healthy and the other unhealthy foods.

“Not only does the PSA demonstrate that a healthy snack can cost less, it also highlights that eating healthy and taking care of your body will help to reduce health care and labour costs in the future. The PSA also encourages ‘buying Bermuda’ which protects local jobs in hong kong, businesses and our economy.

“The forth PSA promotes Environmental Responsibility and features various preserved open spaces around Bermuda such as Spittal Pond and John Smith’s Bay. It speaks to the importance of taking care of our natural resources and reducing our harm on the environment so that locals and tourists may enjoy our island’s beauty.”

For more information about the PSAs contact the Sustainable Development Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit or Sustain Bermuda.

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