It took all afternoon to judge hundreds of entries, with a panel representing Belco, the Department of Energy, Chewstick, Bermuda National Library and Greenrock. Winning entries were posted at Belco's Serpentine Road headquarters.

Winners in the nine to 11 category were:

  • Derek Tucker-Peters, Somersfield Academy (essays);
  • Gianna Lupparelli, Warwick Academy (poetry);
  • Tyler Jessey, Purvis Primary School (artwork), and
  • Kaela Riley, Purvis Primary School (diorama).

For the 12 to 14 category:

  • Taj Donville-Outerbridge, Clearwater Middle School (essays);
  • Nkosi Hollis, The Berkeley Institute (poetry), and
  • Mackenzie Paul, Somersfield Academy (artwork).

For the 15 to 18 category:

  • Son-J Hall, The Berkeley Institute (essays);
  • Maychel Pearman, The Berkeley Institute (poetry), and
  • Karen Marino, Mount Saint Agnes Academy (artwork).

Honourable mentions are: SéRi Joell and Shakira Simons, from Somerset Primary; Shannon Smith and Ashley Usher, from The Berkeley Institute; Ahmir Wilson, Purvis Primary School;

Chefanices Williams, Dellwood Middle School; Rajae Leverock, Whitney Institute Middle School; Taj Donville-Outerbridge, Clearwater Middle School; Emily Sinclair, Mount Saint Agnes Academy;

Charlotte Griffiths, Bermuda High School; Jessica Tannock and Alexa Holdipp, who worked jointly on an entry from The Bermuda Institute.

Honourable mentions from Somersfield Academy were: Luke Madeiros; Nadia Attride-Ramella; Jackie Costello; Jasiri Minors, and Max Johnson.

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