The ads, designed by DCI and produced by Impact Media, will run for three months and seek to inform bus takers about how much money they could potentially save by using more efficient appliances, as well as where to look for more advice and information on energy efficiency and conservation.

One of the ads states that residents typically spend between $550 and $2200 on transportation fuel each year but that switching to a motorbike or highly-efficient car can save them hundreds of dollars on their fuel bill.

Another ad explains that air conditioning typically accounts for 40–50% of residents' electricity bills but that high-efficiency reverse-cycle air conditioners can save islanders hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills and thousands over the lifetime of the unit.

The Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Marc Bean said: "The aim of this bus handle ad campaign is to encourage residents to become better informed when making choices about their energy consumption by using helpful resources such as the Department of Energy's website

"Energy Conservation is essential for the Island's energy independence. No investment in renewable energy technology is meaningful until conservation measures are also adopted by us all. Energy Conservation helps us all save money and, in today's economy every dollar counts."

Apart from the Did You Know? ad campaign, the Department of Energy is taking many other steps to promote energy conservation in Bermuda. Through their website - - they advocate and promote energy conservation and efficiency by providing educational tools such as the Energy Efficiency Fact sheets and Renewable Energy Guides. The website is also a helpful resource for information on Peak Oil and Climate Change.

The Department also routinely delivers presentations on energy consumption to schools across the island, as well as organizing events such as the upcoming CARICOM Energy Week and the Energy Limbo Competition. They also create initiatives such as the Sustainable Photovoltaic Rebate Initiative [SPRI] and Solar Water Heater Rebate Initiative [SWHRI] which encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies on the Island.

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Also see Energy tips to feature on bus handles, Royal Gazette, 21 Aug 2012.

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