Profile Angelo PimentalAngelo PimentalOccupation?
I am currently a tutor at the Reading Clinic. I work with children who have dyslexia or learning differences to improve their reading, spelling and basic math skills, through teaching strategies and building self-confidence. I am also a social media manager for a few small businesses and charities, working to consistently deliver their message online.

What motivates you out of bed in the mornings?
My family. I tend to get up at the crack of dawn to feed 'The Ladies', 6 chickens who supply my family with fresh eggs, nurse Layla '羊羊 Yang Yang' The Lamb, and tend my vegetable gardens.

What would you like to see change in your lifetime?
I would like to see society reconnect with our natural environment. I would like to see an increased awareness as to how damaging our consumption patterns are, so that we can make wiser purchasing decisions. I would also like to see more people growing their own food, or at least eating more locally produced products.

Why should we care about Bermuda's development?
Bermuda is a very unique place, with stunning natural beauty and great biodiversity. It is up to all of us to play our part to protect, and restore our environment for the benefit of future generations. Whether it be through land conservation, marine parks or educating our children, we must do what is necessary to keep Bermuda the paradise that it is.

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