We're always thrilled to receive good news from fellow Greenrockers. Here's a recent letter from Bermudian vet Angela Maureen Ware-Cieterss, a.k.a. Dr. Ware.electric carBermudian vet Dr Ware poses with her new THINK electric car before shipping it to Bermuda.

Hello Greenrock Friends

My name is Angela Maureen Ware-Cieters, and I am a Bermudian veterinary surgeon, who has been a life-time supporter of 'thinking green' and wherever possible making sure our actions are green.

I thought you may be heartened to know, I have finally been able to put my money 'where my mouth is' - so to speak - and invested in an electric car. It is a very special little vehicle: Designed in Norway and branded "THINK", it is compact and energy efficient.

The one we have just purchased runs on a lithium battery, and after being fully charged can do 160 kilometres without needing to be recharged....so at least one week's driving on island, I would guess.

My Husband and I first saw the little car on display in northern Italy. After test drives and lots of questions we decided to ask for a permit to import one to BDA, which the Transport Control Department kindly approved quickly, and without any difficulty....and the relief from tax is was real incentive for us to make the effort to import it ourselves.

Last week we sent it by rail to Bremerhaven, and today it is being shipped to the Island via the US.

I am attaching a few photos of the dispatch. My Husband Jan Cieters will clear it on or around 8th December, when it is supposed to arrive with MSC.

Best respects, and keep up the good work,
Maureen (A.K.A. Dr. Ware, St. David's)

THINK electric car in BermudaTHINK electric car in Bermuda....promising 160 kms per chargeHere's a link to more pics.

Well done to Dr Ware and her hubbie Jan Cieters. We look forward to hearing more from you both in the future.

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