SDU, which falls under the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy, works to raise awareness of sustainable development in Bermuda and encourages local agencies to adopt its principles to promote the future quality of life in Bermuda – whether it be economically, environmentally or socially.

“The greatest hope is that children begin to internalize the longevity of their decisions and how they impact today and tomorrow,” explained Sustainable Development Officer Lynniece Nisbett Garnett. “Young people are part of the solution in shaping their future and we want them to gain a sense of commitment to their communities and feel empowered in making smart choices.”

Ms Nisbett Garnett, along with her SDU colleagues, addressed a roomful of students at Mount Saint Agnes Academy last Tuesday (Primary School) and Wednesday (Middle School), as well as West Pembroke Primary School on Friday, to share with them some of the things they can do day-to-day to ensure a sustainable future for Bermuda.

They included: volunteering, turning out the lights upon leaving a room, spending time with family members, doing activities that don’t involve a TV or computer, putting their pocket money into a savings plan, and attending career fairs.

“The aim is to bolster awareness about SDU with children in regards to decisions that they make,” Ms Nisbett Garnett added. “By teaching children the SDU fundamentals that are Bermuda specific and encouraging engagement at the schools we are taking steps to create a different society. Children are our future stewards, architects and decision makers.”

The students at Mount Saint Agnes Academy also had the opportunity to watch several Public Service Announcements produced through the SDU on Sustainable Development which air regularly on CITV and employ the acting talents of several students from various schools.

SDU school presentations

The SDU will be making the rounds with Your Decisions Our Future at several other schools in the coming weeks, including Warwick Academy, Saltus Grammar School, and Purvis Primary School.

The SDU was founded in 2006 and fully resourced in 2010. Any schools interested in inviting the SDU to speak at their school can contact Lynniece Nisbett- Garnett (294-9764) or Whitney Darrell (294-9765) or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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