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Greenrock is working to empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable.

And what better way to encourage green lifestyles than with Greenrock's Green Schools initiative.

Starting with Elliot Primary, based on Hermitage Road, Devonshire, which is working to become the first Green School in Bermuda, the Growing Up Green project leaders are hoping to get the message out to encourage all Bermuda schools to follow in Elliot's Green footsteps.

Students from Elliot Primary show off all the trash they picked up to help make Bermuda a cleaner place.

Through the Elliot Primary PTA, Greenrock has created the Pilot Green School Project that will bring together education and sustainability and focuses on three components: growing up green, curriculum and facilities.

"Growing Up Green is one of the components of the Green Schools Pilot programme," explains Denaye Hinds, the founder of GreenBean.

GreenBean is a non-profit organisation that teaches children "sustainable education" by linking students to their environment through environmentally friendly programmes and workshops. Projects include growing sustainable gardens and hands-on craft projects that teach about reducing our consumption.

Denaye, who grew up in Devonshire, is starting with the revitalisation of her home parish. Both Denaye and Growing Up Green team member Sakeena Talbot, also attended Elliot Primary.

They hope to encourage the community to become more involved with their surrounding schools.

"We want to see more local participation in the parishes and encourage vendors in the area to be more active within schools," explains Denaye. "It will get community members out and linked with the schools.

"Children need to learn about their neighbourhood. They aren't familiar with their surroundings or what the Island has to offer in their own backyard. We really want to get the community involved in that aspect."

The project leaders are in the process of laying the groundwork that can easily be translated across the Island's schools.

"Everything that is being done at Elliot will be modelled to be done in other schools," adds Sakeena, who is also the secretary of the Elliot Primary PTA.

"Growing Up Green can be moved to other schools depending on how it goes with Elliot," she says.

While they work to establish a Green Schools model with Elliot Primary, the team continue to encourage teachers and parents across the Island to make greener choices within their own communities.

"All schools should definitely attempt to make environmentally friendly choices until we are able to roll out this programme to other schools," says Denaye.

The team suggest a few quick and easy tips that will help make a difference to making schools more Green.

"It's not about being perfect, it's not about doing everything, but that little something that you can do to make a difference," says Sakeena.

Here are a few of their tips:

  • Start a Green Committee: Five to six teachers and parents who are interested in supporting the vision of green — a great support base is key.
  • Trash-Free Lunch: Utilise washable containers and reusable drink bottles in your child's lunch to reduce the amount of waste they produce.
  • Clothing Donation Drive: Donate gently used school garments back to your school for other children to benefit.
  • Carpool or Public Transportation: Reduce your carbon footprint and organise a carpooling effort or utilise public transportation to take your children to school. This will reduce traffic bottleneck and keep everyone on time.
  • Electronic Correspondence: Register to receive school correspondence electronically to reduce printing and paper.
  • Recycle Your Office Paper: Create scratch pads and look into replaceable ink cartridges for your school's photocopier.
  • Let the Light Shine: If your classroom has access to daylight, let it in — open windows for lighting and air flow and give the air conditioning unit a break.


If you would like to volunteer to assist with or become a sponsor of the Growing Up Green Programme, contact Denaye Hinds at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Sakeena Talbot. Or submit your information online at http://teachersites.schoolworld.com/web pages/ElliotPTA and click on My Forms on the left-hand sidebar.

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