WELCOME to our Spring edition of Envirotalk.

  • Dr. Joanna Pitt, Marine Resources Officer, talks about Bermuda's lionfish invasion.
  • Exhibition Officer, Georgette Caines, discusses the upcoming 75th Agricultural Exhibiton.
  • Bugs on your plant!? Toi Wellman, Agricultural Assistant, suggest some environmentally friendly ways to rid your plants of pests.
  • The Agricultural Officers at the Government Marketing Centre give an overview of their section.
  • See the planting calendar to get a head start on what to plant this Spring.

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Editor's note

April 22 marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. More than one billion people worldwide will participate in this event. To find out more about Earth Day, please visit the Earth Day Network at: www.earthday.org. Also don't forget May is International Compost awareness month with 22 May being the International Day for Biodiversity. The theme this year is: Water and Biodiversity, which coincides with the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation. To find out more about this movement, please visit: www.unwater.org/watercooperation2013.html.

Kimberly Burch – Editor


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