Greenrock has been shocked at Govt's inertia regarding implementation of their own  2011 Energy White Paper recommendations, and in March offered Government tips including how to reduce their $20M annual spend on electricity.

The SAGE awards were offered for great ideas that will lead to:

  1. Streamlining of Government
  2. Greater efficiency
  3. Enhancing accountability
  4. Better service to the public through privatisation

Today's announcement, which features on the SAGE Commission website reads;

We are pleased to announce the winners of the SAGE Commission’s Awards Programme

The participation in the Awards Programme has been heartening: well more than 400 submissions  were received through the web site, in person and through private meetings.

The submissions represented a broad cross-section from the Civil and Public Service and from the public.  The SAGE Commission has been given a remarkable insight into how members of our community are looking at the challenge of reducing the cost of running the Bermuda Government.

Here are the winners:

Best Entry from a Member of the Public – Jennifer Ebbin

Best Entry from an Employee of Government – Andrea Franklin

Best Entry from a Young Person 18-25 Years – Connor Burns

Best Entry from a Youth Under 18 – Ryan Robinson Perinchief

Best Overall Entry  – Magnus Henagulph

The SAGE Commission extends its deep appreciation to everyone who participated in the Awards Programme.



Brian Duperreault

Greenrock says... Government need to lead by example and change their 'do as we say but not as we do' approach to the environment and sustainability. The big question remains - Will Government take SAGE advice?

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