Each Member of Cabinet is appointed by the Premier. All Members of Cabinet are given the title Ministers; whom are party representatives within the Legislature.

The ministeries and ministers primarily responsible for the various aspects of sustainable development are now;

Trevor_Moniz Patricia Gordon-Pamplin Grant_Gibbons
Minister of Health and Environment
The Hon. Trevor Moniz
Minister of Public Works
The Hon. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin
Minister of Education and Economic Development
Dr. The Hon. Grant Gibbons
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The Ministry of Health and Environment now has responsibility for Environmental Protection.

The Ministry of Public Works has responsibility for Water supply & conservation; Waste Management (including recycling and materials recovery); the Tynes Bay waste-to-energy facility, and Conservation Services.

The Ministry of Education and Economic Development responsibilities include Energy (including renewable energy and energy conservation).

Planning has moved under the Ministry of Home Affairs led by Senator The Hon. Michael Fahy.

The Dept of Sustainable Development now falls directly under the Premier, The Hon. Craig Cannonier.

Government of Bermuda Organizational Chart - January 2014

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