On March 29, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm Bermuda will join the rest of the world in marking Earth Hour, when everyone is being urged to turn off their lights for 60 minutes. In Bermuda people are also being invited to attend events at the Washington Mall and the City Hall car park.

Gordon Johnson, Greenrock's Executive Director, said: "We hope everyone will support the event on March 29, but just as importantly we hope that people will realize that this is just the beginning.

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"The need to have a change in our attitudes towards sources of power on this Island cannot stop at 9.31pm. We cannot continue to have almost sole reliance on fossil fuels like oil and gas. That is an unsustainable concept and one that will leave an enormous burden on future generations.

"From 9.31pm on March 29 we must change our outlook so that we leave a sustainable future for our children and their children.

"By changing our habits, we can also beat the electricity bill and who wouldn't mind seeing a reduction in that at the moment?"

Greenrock has some easy tips on how to reduce energy consumption and they include:

  • You can save up to 20% on your monthly electricity bill by installing water heater timers.
  • LED lighting uses only 10% of the power of conventional incandescent lightbulbs.
  • Make sure you don't rely on power saving or sleep mode for devices – switch them off at the wall.
  • Make sure the lint filter in your tumble dryer is clean and that the room which houses it is well ventilated. Alternatively put your clothes out to dry on a line outside.
  • Turn your washing machine to a cold wash – with the detergents available you do not always need a hot wash.
  • Remind everyone in the house to turn off lights and air-conditioners when you leave a room.

Mr. Johnson added: "We cannot carry on as we are and I am inviting everyone to come to the event on March 29 to show your support."


Greenrock's mission is to "Engage the community to share solutions for a sustainable Bermuda". You can find more energy saving tips on our website at www.greenrock.org. You can find more information about Earth Hour at www.greenrock.org/earthhour

'Greenrock Says...'  articles appear in the Royal Gazette Green Pages, published on the first Thursday of each month.


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