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Greenrock is working to empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable.

With the global movement to find cars that produce less emissions, have better mileage and are more reliable, manufacturers are forced to come up with viable solutions. A hybrid is a short-term solution, whereas, an all-electric vehicle is a long-term solution. The ideal solution for Bermuda today and could make a difference now is high efficiency (h-e) diesel cars.

Most gasoline cars you see on the roads today in Bermuda are available in the UK as a high-efficiency diesel model with lower emissions, better mileage and better maintenance to its gasoline cousin. And unlike a hybrid or all electric, h-e diesel has less waste and refuelling issues.

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25 Nov 2021

Electricity from Bermuda’s first large-scale solar farm has started to feed into the island’s electricity grid, power firm Belco revealed yesterday. A...

26 Oct 2021

An environmental pressure group has appealed to the Government to “take a progressive stance and truly be a role model in the fight against climate...

21 May 2021

Bermuda Electric Light Company has one primary objective: to supply our customers with safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Our ultimate goal is to...

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