Felix Tod

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Felix TodFelix Tod Occupation.
Record producer and Composer. I have produced several hit albums with Bermuda's Heather Nova and since moving here have concentrated on working mainly for the BBC writing music for nature programs and documentaries. I've been nominated for a Cymru Bafta award for 'Best original soundtrack' for two years running for my work on BBC's Tribe series.

What gets me out of Bed.
"Daddy I want my batmilk ! " ... cue 6.30 am trip to kitchen to fill up Bat-thermos with milk. I live right on the water, so it's hard not to notice what a beautiful morning it is,despite the time.

What would you like to see change in your lifetime?
More Solar power and alternative energy . In Bermuda. we already collect our water, which is amazing. We could generate all our power just as easily and make Bermuda world famous as an eco-destination and an example of how easy it is. Being environmental would be great for Tourism and profit . It's seems crazy to be bring oil from iraq to New York to Bermuda to be burned, when all the time the power was sitting on our roof if we could just be bothered to pick it up. Electricity is so expensive here, that solar seems cheap! It would be good to help bring about a solution that works for Bermuda.

Why should we care about Bermuda 's development?
Bermuda is a long way behind places like Europe when it comes to environmental issues. We are uniquely at threat. Even 2 meters of ocean rise due to global warming would be a tragedy.

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