Here are eleven simple ways to get kids involved and engaged year round in climate change, from the WWF-Canada website.


  • Make a plan: Use this year’s Earth Hour to discuss what your family can do year round to take action for the planet, like turning off the lights when no one is in the room and using cold water to wash your clothes. Engage your children in conversation and have them come up with their own ways to save energy, limit waste and make a positive impact on the environment. For ideas, visit


  • Community involvement: Why not plan a fun Earth Hour event for your neighbourhood? Find or post events taking place in your community where you and your children can get involved. Feeling part of a community with purpose will prompt your kids to start seeking out opportunities and get involved on their own.


  • Plant the seed: Help your children plant an indoor spice garden. Not only is this a great way to produce home-grown herbs and add flavour to your meals, it also reduces food miles associated with buying food at the grocery store that may have been shipped from thousands of miles away.


  • Candle-lit games night: What a great time to get out the board games or play a game of flashlight tag. Gather the family for some old-fashioned quality time to remind your children that games can be played without a computer or TV screen, and that fun can be had with mom or dad.


  • Take a tour: Explore the island using fun and smart means of transportation – walk, bike, or take the bus or ferry and show your kids that travel can be fun and sometimes faster when you leave your car at home.


  • Smart shopping: Provide some hands-on education with a shopping trip that includes a list to start, so that you stick to the purchases you need. Let your children help find the smart alternatives like environmentally friendly cleaners, energy-saving light bulbs and recycled products – and don’t forget to bring your reusable bags.


  • Scavenge and save: Set up a scavenger hunt in and around your house to mark off areas where energy can be saved. Place flags or stickers in spots where appliances or computers can be unplugged and lights turned off, highlighting the places where they can make a difference.


  • Break down the buzzwords: Talk about the meaning behind commonly used terms like climate change, carbon footprint, eco friendly and global warming. Sometimes words are thrown around and are not actually explained, keeping youth from getting inspired and involved.


  • Do the math: Calculate the ways you can save energy in and around your home and use comparisons to help your children understand the impact they can have – not only on the household bills but also on the environment as a whole. Explain the savings and benefits that result from every step they take to reduce the use of energy. To determine the actual greenhouse gas savings associated with specific action visit


  • Answer the call of the wild: Take this opportunity to look at other threats to our environment. Talk to your children about endangered animals and what is threatening their survival. Together you can brainstorm unique ways to help and learn what organizations such as the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo are doing to aid species at risk.


  • Family Feud: Nothing like pitting mom against dad and brother against sister in some light-hearted competition to get inspired! Healthy competition, whether it’s tracking and comparing the carbon footprint of each household member or creating a family challenge get your household charged, can make saving energy a sport where everyone can win!



For more ideas and information, you can also visit


Note: Please don’t leave your children or pets alone with lit candles!

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