This June saw a close of another excellent year of our Eco-Schools Programme, marked by our second ever Eco-Schools Awards Ceremony.

Greenrock was pleased that the Minister of Education, the Honourable Wayne Scott, was able to attend the ceremony and provide a welcoming speech. The Shadow Minister, Lovitta Foggo, was also available, and recognised. 

On June 30th Greenrock were delighted to be awarded a certificate from the Centre on Philanthropy recognising our membership and long-term commitment to Bermuda's Third Sector.

Greenrock has been a member of the Centre on Philanthropy for at least ten years and we remain committed to them going forward.

cross-island-aerialGreenrock has accepted the invitation by the Cross Island Committee to join them and provide a key environmental voice.

The Cross Island Committee was set up to engage the community to get ideas for the use of the nine acres of land being created at Dockyard's South Basin for the America's Cup Village, following the America's Cup.

In June we were delighted that Chubb (formerly ACE) had offered to host the latest Green Building Forum and provide a light lunch to our members.

Greenrock commends the Department of Energy for holding the 2016 Energy Summit, the island's second ever, which was held on Wednesday, June 29th.

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