Since the 1950s plastic production has outpaced production of any other product and the majority of this is single use plastic. All of the plastic produced up until today still exists (with the exception of that which is incinerated). As an island nation we are acutely aware of the threat of plastics to our environment and the direct impact on marine life, less so on the plastic particles and toxins that are infiltrating our food chain. While the majority of the plastic arriving on our shores has not been from our waste stream we are guilty as a country for contributing to the issue as evidenced by the 30 mT Keep Bermuda Beautiful removes from our roadsides, parks and trails each year; and we would be naive to not accept more enters the water that surrounds us. 

An environmental ideal would be to no longer use any plastic however, there are benefits to some especially in the medical setting. However, there are plastics we can do without. Single use plastics represent an unsustainable use of resources and make a significant contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is a complex issue and the wider sustainability and environmental issues need to be fully considered. We must reduce our use of single-use plastic and plastic in general without switching to alternatives that are less than ideal or unnecessary.

As local environmental NGOs we are committed to fostering a dialogue and roadmap to a successful ban of single use plastics as well as goals to create an educated public who reduces their dependence on plastic and cleans up their environment.



  1. Identify and engage key stakeholder groups.
  2. Bans on single-use packaging - determine which types of plastic packaging to phase out altogether, as well as any necessary exemptions, such as those for health, safety and accessibility to keep products available for the people that need them.
  3. Dramatically reduce single-use plastic by engaging the community in behaviour change and encouraging the reduction of plastics overall by promoting alternatives
  4. Consider plastic bottle and beverage container returns
  5. Plastic Education and raising public awareness
  6. Removing plastics from our environment
  7. Reducing plastic from island events and regattas
  8. Encourage Government to provide incentives to stakeholders
  9. Encourage entrepreneurship
  10. Monitor and adjust where necessary.



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