Government recently announced that the new acute care hospital site will be in the Botanical Gardens. This plan would call for bulldozing 10 acres of the beautiful gardens.

Do you oppose this plan? If so, please write to the Premier, your local MP, the Minister of Health and Family Services, the Bermuda Hospitals Board, the Sustainable Development Unit, the Sustainable Development Round Table, the Leader of the Opposition and the media.


Greenrock AGM & Renewable Energy Presentation

Thanks to everyone who came out to the AGM on Tues. Sept 26th. You can download the presentations from the meeting here in pdf format. Greenrock's Annual Report will be posted here soon.


Alternative to Fossil Fuels in Bermuda

Just imagine being able to pay 1/3 the current cost to fill up your boat,
truck, generator or any other machine that runs on diesel.  And at the same
time, emitting out of your exhaust very little smoke and just a hint of french fries.

recycleiconRecycling is an enormous part of the principle of "ZERO WASTE". The other aspects of Zero Waste are reducing consumption in general, reusing materials and composting.

The goal, and how it relates to sustainable development, is to drastically reduce the amount of materials going into incinerators or landfills.


img_0742sSecond Annual Free ECO Gift-Wrapping

Christmas gift-wrapping with eco-friendly materials

Our volunteers set up wrapping stations at Late Night Shopping and the Farmer's Market.

We wrap gifts with unused newsroll and make them beautiful with natural flora (berries, cedar, spanish moss). The tags are made from recycled Christmas cards.

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