On Saturday, March 25th, from 6:30 pm to “Lights Out” at 8:30 pm, we will air our Earth Hour Live broadcast, featuring conversations about some of the goals our organisation has for Bermuda, efforts being made in the community to live and operate more sustainably, and practical steps we can all take to play our part in creating a sustainable future for generations to come. During the live broadcast, we will also seek to raise funds for our Offshore Wind Feasibility Study Series through pledges and donations, while encouraging the viewing audience to sign up as individual members and corporate supporters as well.

Earth Hour Live will be broadcast on Channel 82, CITV, our YouTube Channel, our Facebook Page, and our website, greenrock.org.



  • To strengthen our connection with nature, inspire environmental action and raise awareness about sustainable living.

Time and Date

  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday, March 25th, 2023 (Lights Out from 8:30 - 9:30pm)

Topics for this year’s broadcast include the following:

  • What are planetary boundaries and how can humanity continue to develop and thrive within them for generations to come?
  • What is the Offshore Wind Feasibility Study Series and why is it important to the acceleration of renewable energy deployment in Bermuda?
  • Why is the RA requesting an update to the recent Energy IRP?
  • How is Fossil Fuel Energy Generation continuing to impact residents in proximity to the North Power Station and what are the neighbouring communities doing in an effort to see the current nuisances resolved?
  • What are the pros and cons of Offshore Wind Farms and how have countries that have implemented the technology fared in recent years?
  • How has the renewable energy market grown in Bermuda over the past few years and who has been benefitting from its expansion?

Did you miss the 2022 live event? Take a look at it now!



The Live Recording from 2021 is also available on our YouTube Channel.



Saturday, June 5th, 2021 in the Royal Naval Dockyard. 

The event, originally scheduled for June 2020, will now take place on World Environment Day 2021. Below are the areas of interest for the expo along with a draft schedule of the activities scheduled that day. Registration is now open and for more information please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 747-7625.

Areas of Interest for the Living Green Business Expo

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Living
  • Zero Emission Vehicles
  • Natural Health & Beauty
  • Holistic Health

Draft Schedule of Activities

  • 8:00AM Sunrise Yoga
  • 8:00AM 25K Bike Ride
  • 9:00AM 5K Run
  • 9:00AM 5K Walk
  • 9:00AM Living Green Expo (Featuring Live Entertainment, Kids Activities, Healthy Food & Drink Vendors and Environmental NGOs)
  • 4:00PM Living Green Expo Closes 

To read more details about our upcoming 'Living Green' Expo click here.


Greenrock would like to invite all of Bermuda to join millions around the world in raising awareness about the challenges facing our planet by taking part in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27th from 8:30 - 9:30pm. 

Greenrock first introduced Earth Hour to Bermuda as a public event in 2008.  Since then it has grown considerably and evolved into an annual initiative that brings into sharp focus the need for the preservation of nature, widespread environmental action, innovative methods that use our natural resources sustainably, and the awareness required to live in harmony with nature.

At its heart, Earth Hour is about generating a global sense of community, of solidarity, showing that people care about the environment and our future – while also demonstrating the power we possess as people to change policies, laws and legislation that bring about monumental change.  For Greenrock, Earth Hour is also a key fixture in our calendar that helps us raise the funds required to ‘go beyond the hour’ through our awareness programs and our commitment to remaining at the forefront of public advocacy. As Bermuda’s main NGO focused on climate change, we enjoy support from large segments of the community to maintain our educational programs and keep environmental advocacy alive.

In 2018 our Earth Hour campaign was focused on rallying for the elimination of single use plastics, something we still need to actively advocate for until our government follows through on its promise to legislate a single use plastic ban.  In 2019 our campaign raised awareness about the benefits associated with energy efficiency, how it lowers our energy usage, and the money it can help us all save.  Last year our focus was improving public engagement and raising awareness about the unprecedented loss of nature that has happened over the past 50 years.  This year we are pushing for more environmental action and an island-wide commitment to engage in strategies and behaviours that lead to the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels.  There is a lot of work to be done, and even more for us to consider.  Therefore, we encourage the community to use Earth Hour as an opportunity to pause and reflect.

“As we shut off all unnecessary lights at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 27th, let’s take time to pause, reflect on our contribution to Bermuda’s carbon footprint, and envision behavioural changes that lead to us living in harmony with each other and the natural environment that sustains us.  We are stewards of the earth and it is important for us to embrace this responsibility, lest all of our shortcomings will fall on the shoulders of future generations” says our Chairman, Eugene Dean.

This year there will be a live stream and television broadcast on Saturday, March 27th from 6:30pm to “Lights Out” at 8:30pm featuring a youth segment, a community segment and a segment on the green economy.  The program, which will be accessible via various platforms, will include topics such as: 

  • Young Environmental Leaders
  • Eco-Schools
  • Fossil Fuel Energy Generation
  • Trash Collection
  • Composting & Recycling
  • Solar PV & Battery Storage
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Green Financing & Loans  


We encourage you, your family, friends and work colleagues to tune into our live broadcast at 6:30pm, turn off any unnecessary lights from 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm, and take time to pause and reflect on new behaviours you can adapt to reduce your carbon footprint, live more sustainably, and inspire all of us in Bermuda to do everything within our power to preserve our planet and the wonders of nature for many generations to come.

During the broadcast Greenrock will raise funds through pledges and donations while encouraging the viewing audience to sign up their families as individual members, and companies they are involved with as corporate supporters as well.  Anyone interested in supporting Greenrock or helping with the Earth Hour Campaign should contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website | www.greenrock.org.  




Submitted on Monday, March 1st, 2021

Greenrock would like to congratulate the local residents and business leaders who have formed the Bermuda Clean Air Coalition (BCAC), an activist group, aimed at raising awareness about the grave implications caused by BELCO’s stacks and machinery.  For years area residents have experienced challenges with pollution, water quality, health, property damage, etc… and have repeatedly made efforts to express their concerns.  The formation of the BCAC represents the coming together of those residents, and the small interests groups they have formed, in an effort to consolidate their leadership and strengthen their representation.  Unity is strength and the example being set by the BCAC is something that needs to be replicated island-wide.  To progress as a country, our communities need to rally together, join forces and strengthen the representation of our collective interests in order to bring about positive change.  Short of taking tangible steps toward forging real unity, we, the populous, will continue to suffer the consequences associated with others putting their private or personal interests before ours.


Fortunately for the BCAC, the collective discontent has unearthed a strong leadership team of fearless, passionate, unrelenting representatives who are capable of going toe to toe with the smartest, most intelligent and seasoned personalities around.  Coalition members Alisa Lockwood, Blane Wilson, Annette Cook, Danielle Riviere, Nishanthi Bailey and spokesperson Denise Riviere, are honourable, reliable, have a wealth of experience, excellent communication skills, and will keep doubling down on their efforts until they find resolve.  With that said, this will not be an easy ride for anyone if the BCAC finds resistance.  Therefore, our advice to BELCO and the relevant government departments, is to humbly submit to the process, be honest in their dealings with the BCAC, understand the sentiments expressed by concerned residents, and genuinely work with them to find the best possible solutions for all involved.


Finding real solutions for situations of this nature can be extremely challenging because of Bermuda’s size.  Many countries have remote areas to develop industrial initiatives, however our electricity generation exists in the midst of a densely populated area, with residents, businesses, schools, churches, sporting facilities, and more.  It goes without saying that we are all appreciative of the stable electrical infrastructure BELCO has developed over the years and the consistent service that we depend on daily to function and thrive.  We are also well aware of the fact that our electricity generation comes from fossil fuels, which have always been polluting.  So to address the concerns of area residents, do we move the plant?  If so, where?  Do we relocate residents and businesses?  If so, where do we move them and who absorbs the cost?  Neither of those options appears to be plausible, which is why we have always advocated for renewable energy.  Rather than treating symptoms, we need to address the issue at its root by investing in technologies that are far less polluting and use renewable resources for fuel.  After months of advocacy work and community engagement, the Regulatory Authority produced an integrated resource plan which sets clear targets for our transition to renewable energy.  Although the government has endorsed it and the community loves it, after two years, we are no closer to kicking our energy transition into gear.  With that said we’ll leave you with the following questions to consider.  Is BELCO the problem?  Is our government at fault?  Or are we, the people of Bermuda, responsible for allowing these issues to continue while tangible solutions are at hand?  When making transitions leadership and strong representation is essential, and if it doesn’t come from our government or the private sector, then maybe, just maybe, it needs to come from us. 


Peace & Love,

Eugene Dean

Greenrock Chairman

In response to increased community concern, Greenrock, Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce, Ocean Rock Wellness, Bermuda Advocates for Safe Technology and Dr. David Wingate are all joining together to bring awareness to concerns regarding the potential deployment of 5G Technology in Bermuda.  The groups are also advocating for an extension to the public consultation, being administered by the Regulatory Authority (RA), which is currently scheduled to close on November 23rd.

We strongly urge the RA to extend the public consultation on 5G, which is being held during a time when our focus has been on a global pandemic, for at least 30 days. Given the vast and potentially negative impact 5G could have on the health of Bermudians and our natural environment, it is important that adequate time be allocated for the general public to understand the potential risks and provide their input. This is about the health and safety of the people of Bermuda, especially our most vulnerable, and as a result, we are deeply concerned that this push for 5G is placing profit over people.

5G is very different from previous generations of wireless technology.  It promises an increase in data transmission rates by using high-frequency, short millimeter waves, which require a large number of antennas to be erected in close proximity to homes, schools, and places of work. The technology requires massive increases in energy consumption and there are genuine concerns that 5G also poses risks to birds, bees and tree canopy.  For full coverage, antenna installations will need to take place island-wide, therefore involuntarily exposing all of us to a substantial increase in wireless radiation. At the moment, we can all choose the extent to which we use wireless technology in our homes, however should 5G technology be approved in Bermuda, the rollout of 5G infrastructure, and our subsequent exposure to considerable increases in wireless radiation, will happen without our consent. 

5G is globally controversial, with a growing list of countries and cities halting its implementation.  In Bermuda, we need to determine our position, and the window of opportunity for influencing the outcome has arrived.  We must act now if we wish for our voices to be heard. A petition to stop the deployment of 5G in Bermuda is currently circulating, with over 3,500 signatures to date, and the link to sign and share the petition is as follows: 

Before the deployment of 5G technology is even contemplated for Bermuda, it is critical that policy is created to protect the populous. Doctors and scientists have repeatedly advised that the FCC guidelines, we currently follow in Bermuda, for exposure to cellular radiation are outdated and no longer suitable for protecting our health.  This is very concerning, and needs to be addressed with haste.  Regulations on where cell towers and antennas can be installed must be created, inclusive of quantities and minimum distances from residential areas, rest homes and schools. A long overdue registry of existing cell towers and antennas needs to be established, and the public should be informed of proposed installations as well.

We welcome the advancement of technology; as long as that technology has proven to be safe. There are alternatives to 5G, such as fiber optics, which is faster, more reliable, less susceptible to hacking and can be deployed without increasing health and environmental risks. It is important to note that 5G has not been tested for safety, despite the fact that testing is required for numerous products before they enter the market.  Swiss Re classified 5G as a “high” emerging risk, cautioning that, “potential claims for health impairments may come with a long latency.” In fact, most of the world’s leading insurers have excluded policy coverage for any negative health effects as a result of wireless technology. Therefore, if insurance companies refuse to take the risk, why should we?


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