Andrew_VaucrossonThe environmental group Greenrock hopes to see a revival of plans for a generic, Island-wide reusable bag in the wake of Government proposals to ban the use of plastic shopping bags.

Stuart_KriendlerSolar specialist Stuart Kriendler is leading the way when it comes to preserving the island's environment.

The 29-year-old promises to help "put Bermuda on the map" as one of the first Bermudians to become a qualified installer of renewable energy systems.

bermuda_agricultureThe Island's agricultural industry is at a critical point as valuable farming land has been falling into disuse, according to a new report

According to the report from the Environmental Coalition, less than half of Bermuda's arable farmland is in use and some property owners are even willing to sell their soil in an attempt to get agricultural land on their properties re-zoned.

cnn4Los Angeles invests in new LED technology to be more efficient with its electricity consumption. CNN's Richard Quest reports.

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bermuda_agricultureBoth the island’s agricultural sector and its arable land reserves are in a state of crisis and risk becoming obsolete unless urgent remedial action is taken, according to the findings of a newly released report.

cnn3CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney talks with Philippe Cousteau about the state of our oceans and the growing plastic waste problem.

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{jathumbnail off}AranMcKittrick

“The Role of Agriculture in Bermuda’s Future” is an in-depth papert, researched and prepared by Bermudian Aran McKittrick. The report seeks to summarise historic and modern challenges facing the agricultural industry and Bermuda’s dwindling stock of arable land. The island has lost an estimated 87% of its agricultural land in the last eighty five years, ...

cnn2CNN's Jason Carroll meets one family trying to make environmentally conscious consumer choices.

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walter-roban-nov-5-2010After yesterday’s [Nov 5] Throne Speech Minister of Environment, Planning & Infrastructure Walter Roban spoke, addressing various matters including coral reefs, planning applications, water resources, energy conservation and more.


CNN employee Chris Hrubesh has gone one year without owning a car.

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solar-energy-panel-bermuda-620x4111Local company Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. (AES) has installed enough solar power systems to generate a record 50 kilowatts of power for homes in Bermuda.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over a 25 year period, 50 kilowatts of solar energy could offset the emission of more than a thousand tons of dangerous pollutants including carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a major contributor to global warming.

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