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The release of the Department of Energy's 'Research Report' reveals encouraging figures on Bermudian's desire to be energy conscious, how-ever, they remain largely uninformed of Government programmes.

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The following article is based on the newly released report entitled The Role of Agriculture in Bermuda's Future. Researched and prepared by Aran McKittrick, the report seeks to summarise some of the historic and modern challenges facing the agricultural industry, with an aim to better explaining their effect on the use and protection of arable land in Bermuda.

solarscheme1Customers of renewable energy company Solar Bermuda are the first to start selling back power to the Island’s electrical grid under BELCO’s Interconnection Policy, which was announced on November 3.

global_entrepreneurship_weekBermuda this week joined 102 other countries in marking Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Local business people showcased their creativity at events aimed at nurturing talent and increasing public awareness of it.

Material_Recovery_FacilitySince the opening of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Government quarry in 2007 the automated process of handling our recycled goods has meant a decrease in some bulky items being sent to the Airport Dump.

plastic-bags-300x2241Jamaica needs to take a leaf out of Bermuda's environmental protection book and consider banning plastic bags, says one of the Caribbean nation's most popular newspaper columnists.


Plans for a new vehicle recycling facility based at the current Airport Dump have been proposed by a group of auto recycling business owners from the US.


For centuries Bermudians have placed a high environmental and cultural value on the island’s reef system — the northernmost coral formations in the Atlantic Ocean.

Earlier this year the Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Assessment and Mapping Programme (BREAM), part of the Bermuda Zoological Society’s Biodiversity Project, placed a monetary value on our protective reefs —

car_recyclingBermuda has been disposing of waste at the airport dump for nearly 40 years with little thought of the impact on the environment.

The resulting damage to Castle Harbour and surrounding marine habitats is irreversible. Coral reefs and the black grouper population have been notably affected.


During their Marine Science Day held today [Nov 20] Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS] research technician Matt Bradfield explained research that BIOS is undertaking to generate alternative energy from marine algae from the Sargasso Sea.

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