tynes-baySustainability advocates and politicians have given a mixed reaction to news that Government has issued a Request for Proposals for a Waste-to-Energy facility.

Opposition One Bermuda Alliance yesterday questioned Government's rationale for its RFP given that $20 million of taxpayer's money has been spent on upgrading the facility.

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Fall 2012 edition of Envirotalk courtesy of the Department of Environmental Protection.

In this issue –
• Corey Eddy, a PhD Candidate of the University of Massachusetts, talks about the 14 species of shark found in Bermuda waters
• Department of Conservation Services Summer Student, Miguel Mejias, gives an overview of his work on tropicbird breeding success.
• Claire Jessey, Entomologist and Plant Protection Officer, continues to help us identify some of the more common citrus pests in the continuation of this two-part article.
• See the planting calendar to get a head start on what to plant this Fall.

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Greenrock and BELCO announce the winners of the 2012 Earth Hour Essay Contest for Students, which was sponsored and coordinated by BELCO. The prize-giving ceremony took place at the Bermuda National Library, Youth Library.

Here is a short video from our 2012 Earth Hour Expo, inspiring us to keep on moving and championing a powerful message for action on climate change.

We hope you'll feel the same.

Vauxhall_amperaSitting outside the Barley Mow on Tilford village cricket ground, a group of early evening drinkers swing their gaze from left to right, as earnestly as fans of Andy Murray on Centre Court.

Indeed, what they're watching has just flashed past with the quiet fizz of a tennis ball.

But this isn't Wimbledon.

EH_2012_event_photoOn Saturday night [Mar.31], Bermuda joined with over 130 countries in celebrating Earth Hour, which encourages people to turn off their lights to serve as a visual reminder on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

Spring 2012 edition of Envirotalk courtesy of the Department of Environmental Protection.

In this issue –

• Curator of the Bermuda Natural History Museum, Dr. Robbie Smith, talks about our shifting shore line and the exciting discovery at Jobson’s Cove.
• Mica Murray-Caines, offers some details on the Agricultural Exhibition which will take place this coming April.
• Community gardens are taking shape on Bermuda’s city limits, Greenrock’s Heathly Harvest Director, Omari Dill talks about this ongoing project.
• The BIOS Bermuda Air Quality Programme is detailed by Associate Scientist and Programme Manager, Andrew Peters.
• Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! Farmer Carlos Amaral offers upsome growing tips on this luscious red fruit.
• See the Spring planting calendar to get a head on what to plant this spring.

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Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) researchers have been digging once again in all of our interests and have the real scoop behind the Devonshire March Development controversy. They have released an excellent video showing why the warehouse development applied for at Devonshire Marsh should have been rejected, and not even considered by the Development Applications Board (DAB), much less been the subject of an appeal. Full details at www.best.org.bm <http://www.best.org.bm

Summer 2012 edition of Envirotalk courtesy of the Department of Environmental Protection.

In this issue –

• Department of Conservations’ Biodiversity Officer, Alison Copeland talks to us about fees and offences regarding the Protected Species.
• In ‘Beds, Paths and Beyond…You made your bed now PLANT it!’ Aaron Lutkin, Department of Environmental Protection, gives important points on planting your square foot garden.
• Are pests invading your citrus trees? Claire Jessey, Entomologist and Plant Protection Officer, helps us identify some of the more common citrus pest in this two part article.
• See the planting calendar to get a head start on what to plant this Summer.

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PureNERGY__earthhour_imageVisitors to Greenrock's Earth Hour Expo 2012 on Saturday, March 31 are being offered a discount courtesy of PureNERGY!

Details are: select a PureNERGY solar-energy system for your home or business and get more than just a powerful solar system.

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