SaltusUP-Class4E_23-ways-students-can-take-care-of-earthLast month, 8 and 9 year old Satlus students presented 23 simple ways to take care of the earth during school assembly.

Take a look at their ideas.

2013_recyclingIf you MUST throw something away, please RECYCLE where it's an option.

The Ministry of Public Works have issued the pdf 2013 Garbage and Recycling Schedule.

TAG recyclables are collected bi-weekly.

Rinse out tins, aluminum and glass, place in blue bag(s) and place out for collection every other week per calendar.


As of January 1st, Concord became among the first U.S. communities to ban single-serving plastic water bottles.

The US town of Concord in Massachusetts has banned the sale of bottled water in units smaller than one litre.

First offenders will get a warning. Anyone caught selling the banned bottles a second time will be fined $25, with $50 for further offences.

toyota-prius-cGreenrock has long advocated the position that electric vehicles are ideal in Bermuda, preferably allied with a charging infrastructure and time-of-day electricity tariffs that encourage charging at night. However, there are currently few electric vehicles available in Bermuda and those that are are not always practical.

So what is a good choice?


AUSTRALIA -- In 2012, National Electricity Market electricity consumption continued its four-year decline. Everyone seems surprised that electricity demand continues to decline despite population and the economy growing. This highlights the limits of economic forecasting and the lack of "bottom-up" modelling based on real activity.

palmetto_forestThe charity, Save Open Spaces, owns and operates a non profit greenhouse on some National Trust property in the Devonshire Marsh. They grow endemics with the goal of reintroducing these species back into the Bermudian landscape.

environment-energy-bulb1Electricity demand in Australia has fallen by more than 5% over the last 6 years.

This is more than expected, and their conclusion is that estimates of energy savings tend to ignore "technical, social and institutional" effects that amplify savings.

Sessions_HouseLast month, Premier Craig Cannonier unveiled a Cabinet shuffle that reduced the number of Government Ministers from 13 to ten. There were three ministers axed from Cabinet, including the Minister of The Environment and Planning Sylvan Richards.

An updated chart is now available reflecting the revised Cabinet line-up and Government Organizational Structure.

Sylvan_RichardsNewly appointed Minister of Environment & Planning Sylvan Richards spoke at last night’s [Jan 17] panel discussion on “Green Buildings and LEED certification.” The discussion was hosted by Greenrock’s Green Buildings Forum and the Bermuda Facilities Managers Association, and was held at the ACE Building.


Last month, The Hon. Craig Cannonier was elected Premier of Bermuda and began work appointing his new cabinet.

All Members of Cabinet are given the title Ministers; whom are party representatives within the Legislature.

Hurricane_Sandy"Either by action, or by inaction, it's most likely that the climate decision will be made this year." This is the introduction to an article which starkly lays out the cost of ignoring our contribution to climate change.

The analysis, published in the journal Nature, demonstrates using a number of statistical models that if we wait until 2025 to start to 'pivot' and dramatically cut our emissions, then the chances of keeping the global increase in temperature under 2°C becomes vanishingly small.

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