eh compIn recognition of this year's Earth Hour, the Island's students applied their talents for a Creativity Contest held by Belco, a member of the Earth Hour Council.

Awards were held during the Earth Hour celebration on Saturday from 5pm to 10pm, with each winner and their school receiving $100. For this year's event, honourable mentions were also gifted $50.


In Bermuda, more than one quarter of our greenhouse gases are emitted from road transportation.

The good news is that there are lots of easy ways to make our cars, trucks, buses and bikes more energy efficient, which both reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money.

BYOB_RGHave you ever taken a moment to do a plastic bag audit? It's pretty simple. Just take a think about the amount of times a day you take a plastic or paper bag from a shop from the one you put your lunch in at the deli to the two or three that are used to pack up your groceries or the one that holds your newspaper and a bar of chocolate.


The Bermuda Department of Planning is in the process of issuing a new residential building code, which emphasises that energy efficiency is not mandatory.

They defend their reluctance to impose mandatory minimum standards claiming it would require many sectors of the community and construction industry to agree with the 'green movement' and the concept of 'energy efficient' in its entirety...

Earth Hour - Finger on light switchEarth Hour is all about images. It is about one finger on a light switch, which has an impact visible from space. It is a global movement that is pitting positive energy against the seemingly relentless bad news of global climate disruption and disaster.

EnviroTalkFall edition of Envirotalk from the Ministry of Enviroment and Planning.

Click pdfhere  to view or download.

Dr. The Hon. Grant GibbonsGreenrock met with the Ministry for Economic Development last week and made a forceful case for setting goals for energy conservation and for having a clear plan to meet the targets set in the Energy White Paper.

EnviroTalkSummer edition of Envirotalk from the Ministry of Enviroment and Planning.

Click pdfhere  to view or download.

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