Nick Clegg to unveil new 5p cost of bags in supermarkets and large stores to cut use of environmentally damaging products.

Shoppers will have to pay a 5p charge on every plastic bag they use in plans to be announced by Nick Clegg.

The deputy prime minister will unveil the move next week during the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

DSC01383Most of us send our kids off to school (or receive them if we are teachers) with the best of sustainable intentions. We have handed down uniforms, recycled last year's supplies where possible, and packed a trash-free lunch. Once they get to school what more can we do? Here are a few ideas for parents, teachers and students to try out:

MRFWhat do these items have in common? While all of these items may be found for sale on local classified websites, they are also a selection of goods that can be processed in Bermuda at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

chris flookA larger marine reserve would better benefit Bermuda, according to Chris Flook of the Pew Environmental Group.

While the Government is asking the public to consider several possible marine reserve proposals for Bermuda Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Mr Flook said only the largest of the proposals would have a real impact on the Island.

An online petition to impose a fee for disposable bags at retailers yielded disappointing results, according to organisers.

However environmental charity Greenrock are still moving forward with efforts to discourage the use of disposable bags.

Greenrock President Judith Lansberg said this week: “We will continue to move ahead and work with the Minister of Environment and Planning to do this.

windreachIn April 2011, with generous support from sponsor Catlin, Greenrock started to develop, plant and maintain a series of community gardens and orchards across Bermuda.

Our first Healthy Harvest community garden was officially opened in June 2012. Since then three additional community gardens have been established, with ground breaking on two more set to start within the next few weeks.


As part of our annual recycling effort, Bermuda Yellow Pages will be collecting the 2012/2013 Bermuda Telephone Directories in Hamilton on four days:

September 11th & 12th (Rain Date: September 13th)
September 18th & 19th (Rain Date: September 20th)

SAGE-Commission-Award-WinnersThe SAGE Commission today announced the winners of awards in a programme designed to involve the public as well as members of the Civil and Public Service in the Commission’s review of the Bermuda Government.

Best Overall Entry was awarded to Magnus Henagulph for his submission which calls on Government to save money by being more energy efficient and prudent in their use of general resources.

elliot growBack in 2009, Greenrock launched its Healthy Harvest initiative, by establishing community gardens and orchards on the island, in the hope of helping to reignite community interest in local food production.

Why eat local you ask?

seaThe Ministry of Environment and Planning today released a document detailing the issues associated with the creation of a reserve — Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Its Future.

Government declared Bermuda's EEZ a Marine Mammal Sanctuary a year ago, and continue to be involved in the Blue Halo project in collaboration with the Sargasso Sea Alliance (SSA) and the Bermuda Alliance for Sargasso Sea (BASS).

Going Green 2013Going Green is a local free magazine, published annually by Bermuda Media.

2013 marks it's sixth edition.

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