rebecca-faulkenberry-280x1861[Updated] Bermudian Broadway star Rebecca Faulkenberry will headline an event in Hamilton to mark Earth Hour on March 29, 2014, helping to remind Bermudians about the importance of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Ms. Faulkenberry, who played Mary Jane Watson in the Broadway smash hit Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, has agreed to perform some songs from the musical on March 29 alongside co-star...

potato powerWith a simple trick, the humble spud can be made into a battery, so could potato powered homes catch on?

Mashed, boiled, baked or fried? You probably have a preference for your potatoes. Haim Rabinowitch, however, likes his spuds “hacked”.

KBB 2013 Environmental Partner AwardGreenrock works hard to promote sustainable living in Bermuda, and we're proud of our track record of working closely and collaboratively with like-minded organisations. It's very meaningful to us when that hard work is acknowledged.

At their recent annual general meeting, KBB's Environmental Partner Award was presented to Greenrock. Thanks KBB!

savings for seniors bdasunA new project jointly provided by Age Concern and Greenrock has seen seniors saving money on their energy bills.

Savings for Seniors has been beneficial for seniors as well as the environment, according to project manager and Greenrock volunteer Mike Kisala.

For one hour later this month people across Bermuda are being asked to demonstrate that they care about the environment.

For a lifetime after that, people are being urged to show a commitment to creating a legacy for their children and their children's children.

Tesla Elon MuskNews this week, from opposite ends of the planet, that points to the convulsion of change about to hit the global economy. The first report came from Palo Alto, California, headquarters of the Tesla electric car company. Tesla's car produces no carbon emissions (so long as the electricity that charges its batteries is also low carbon).

nuclearCan you be an environmentalist and be pro nuclear?

In light of climate change, can you be an environmentalist and NOT be pro nuclear?

When was the last time you saw a documentary that fundamentally changed the way you think?

natural-gas-investmentBermuda should not be investing in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) today.

BELCO needs to replace its aging diesel fuel oil generators and we should seize this opportunity to invest in a way that will reduce our dependence on environmentally, financially and politically uncertain fossil fuel, and be of benefit to the island today and 30 years in the future.


Government must actively encourage businesses working on supplying new sources of power.

Greenrock's executive director Gordon Johnson made the call after Finance Minister Bob Richards announced that Government and the Regulatory Authority would ensure fair access to Belco's supply network for existing and new companies.

EH2014 Facebook Profile PicOne of the Island’s leading insurance companies has pledged its support for an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the environment.

The Colonial Group will turn off all its lights for an hour at its Reid Street offices in the run-up to Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29.

LNG tankerBermuda could have imported liquefied natural gas as an alternative to costly oil in as little as three to five years if all falls into place.

This from Ascendant Group president and CEO Walt Higgins, who says residents could see a savings of at least 15 percent on their electricity bills.

About Greenrock

According to The Footprint Network, which measures the ability of the planet to produce resources and absorb waste, our resource use and waste production is 60% more than the earth can produce or absorb annually.

This overshoot is the result of decisions that we each make every day. We seek to generate debate and to influence people to change their behaviour.We strive to be catalysts: Success for us is when we can Change the Mindset so that sustainable use of resources is included in decision-making for individuals, government or businesses. ... read more

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