School Roadshow: December 2008 Update

A conversation at schools about ‘going green’ and why Bermuda’s youth should care

Greenrock’s School Roadshow hit local schools this fall with a strong message about our collective social responsibility – to become more aware about the choices we can make in order for all of us to ensure that we maintain a sustainable state of balance in our community.

The goal of Greenrock is about changing the mindset when it comes to our lifestyle choices. Through this School Roadshow project, we are hoping to show our middle and senior school students that they are the ones who are able to help make meaningful and long-term changes when it comes to Bermuda’s future growth.

Moderator Eugene Dean opens the conservation with a very interesting analogy of taking care of several fish in one tank. The task sounds simple, but this analogy helps the students understand there is a lot more involved in taking care of a tank which is the home for several fish. It’s not just about feeding fish and ensuring that they have clean water. There are numerous factors that one should consider, such as: What types of fish are able to cohabit peacefully? What is the ideal water temperature? How large should the tank be to provide a healthy environment for the fish?

roadshowrings.jpgThe same consideration of factors is needed to ensure sustainable living on an island like Bermuda. Sustainability is more involved then just taking care of environmental stewardship. It also includes ensuring that we have efficient economic growth that encourages just social progress. A balance must be struck between economic, social and environmental benefits when decisions are being made at home, at work or in Government.

The Greenrock School Roadshow is built around an interactive PowerPoint slideshow that illustrates to the students choices that can be made in Bermuda that are more sustainable for our future. It focuses on simple things we can implement in our lives that collectively will make a difference. This roadshow is more of a conversation, a chance to stimulate thought in students rather than a lecture or one-way discussion.

Topics covered in the Roadshow are:

  • alternative fuels
  • energy conservation
  • water consumption
  • electric vehicles
  • eco-friendly products
  • making an office, an event and even a school ‘green’.

roadshowglobe.jpgBermuda’s students have been shocked to learn that people in less developed countries live on less water a day than it takes to flush a toilet once! Also, if everyone in the world were to use the same amount of resources as we do in more developed countries, we would need two planet Earths to support us.

The Greenrock School Roadshow provides students with tips on how to become greener and to minimise their carbon footprint in the community. The roadshow is also open to parents and teachers. It is important to get the support of the entire school – students, staff and parents – for sustainable projects to be a success. If you would like to learn more about this project or schedule an appointment for your school or PTA meeting, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

This project was made possible by the generous financial support of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, ACE Foundation, Ministry of the Environment and Sports, and Fidelity International Limited.

More information about the Greenrock School Roadshow

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