The Department of Conservation Services has published their Bermuda Plant Finder online on their website.

The Department said: “This guide to Bermuda’s plants was developed following requests from landscape architects, Planning Officers and home owners for an easy to use guide for determining which plants are best suited for their particular landscaping project or managment plan.


“Each record describes the plants maximum height, type and growth rate, expected tolerances for wind, salt and sun, suggested uses and habitats where the plant is best suited.

“With this guide we hope to provide inspiration for the protection and enhancement of Bermuda’s biodiversity, through better managment of its coastal areas, woodlands and managed landscapes.”

Contributors to the guide include Mr. Drew Pettit, Director, Department of Conservation Services; Ms. Alison Copeland, Biodiversity Officer, Department of Conservation Services; Mr. Robin Marirea, Head Zoo Keeper, Department of Conservation Services; Mr. Jeremy Madeiros, Principal Terrestrial Conservation Officer, Department of Conservation Services; Dr. David Wingate, Former Government Conservation Officer and Ms. Lucy Hollis, Intern, Department of Parks.

The Department of Conservation Services also said that in the future they will be unveiling a completely online version of this guide, where you’ll be able to search all the records based on your particular criteria and build your own plants list to download. For example, create a list of plants with yellow flowers that thrive in sandy soil.

Click here to download the 206-page guide [PDF here].

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