OVOPUR is a cost effective, environmentally friendly choice.  It provides superior quality water at a fraction of the cost whilst respecting the environment and the cycle of nature.

Photo by Paul Goyette

Witches, goblins & ghosts! Oh, my!

I doubt there’s a kid on the island who doesn’t look forward to the simple childhood pleasures that characterise Halloween: dressing up, thrilling games and activities and, of course, a copious supply of candy.


Solar power is finally being welcomed into Bermuda, and onto a rooftop near you. Living in one of the world’s sunniest countries means solar is an ideal choice for Bermudians. With our high cost of electricity, we can repay our investment within 10 to 15 years, and we can expect low cost or virtually free electricity for at least another 10 to 15 years with an average system.

The Department of Energy has cleared the way for the solar industry with removal of duty on solar systems (panels, inverters and other component parts) whether you are talking photovoltaic energy or thermal hot water. They have also announced a solar panel initiative in which those installing panels receive a payment from the Government based on the wattage of system installed. There are several companies with experienced installers at work on the island.


It's not easy being green!

We all create carbon as we consume. This is in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that causes the earth to be warmed by insulating it. The amount of carbon we each produce is called our carbon footprint. Almost everything we use, from electricity to clothes to cars, involves the burning of fossil fuels in its production and has therefore created CO2 pollution.

US oil fieldBiodiesel: Getting the facts

By Rowan Hallett

Everything seems to happen slowly in Bermuda, including change. Sometimes the culprit is our laid-back island mentality or Black Seal, but when it comes to implementing change, it’s usually a lack of information that prevents Bermudians from making more sustainable choices. A great example of this cultural paradigm is biodiesel.


Biodiesel is diesel fuel that contains components derived from renewable raw materials, such as vegetable oils and animal fat. It has been available on island for at least three years, and yet most vehicles with diesel engines are still running on regular diesel. This traditional petroleum-based version draws on limited reservoirs of fossil fuels, as well as polluting the atmosphere with unnecessary levels of dangerous volatile organic compounds in their emissions.

Back to School

My mother used to dread the back-to-school season. She heralded it as the biggest waste of time and money of the year. Of course her kids agreed wholeheartedly, but that never stopped her from sending us!

Tatem Middle School Green KidsGreen Kids: From trash to treasure

By Rowan Hallett

All you need is a little creativity, some basic tools and a lot of enthusiasm to turn something that’s destined for the dumpster into a gift for the community. Fortunately, a team of four kids from the TN Tatem Middle School has an abundance of those resources. Morgan McKinnon Burgess, Deshale Lewis, Nicholas Mello and Joshua Deallia, along with their Advisory Club Director, Paul Harney, are working together to convert deteriorating wooden lunch benches into raised flowerbeds for the elderly at the Lorraine Rest Home.

Kids playing in a fountainGreen Kids: Summer Fun

By Rowan Hallett

As every parent knows, kids see the long and lazy days of summer as their reward for 10 gruelling months of classes, homework and tests. But as the holidays draw to an end, it’s easy to run out of ideas for entertainment. Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids active and interested and get their brains back into gear ready for the new school year.

www.earthday.netGreen Kids: Earth Day every day

By Rowan Hallett

The Green Generation. It might sound like the title of a new sci-fi movie, but this is actually the Earth Day Campaign for 2009. This year’s Earth Day, held on April 22, marks the 39th anniversary of the global celebration of our commitment to saving the planet.


Since the first official Earth Day in 1970, celebrated by a mere 20 million people in America, the event has grown to global proportions. Now approximately 500 million people in 175 countries will choose to make the world a better place for present and future generations!

Reclaimed anchorThe Green Geppetto

By Amy Harvey

A love of wood and crafting it into functional works of art has driven Douglas Sutherland to create a magical home. What is even more magical about this story is that almost everything in his apartment has been built using recycled wood from pallets or reclaimed from derelict boats. The only real exceptions are the drywall and a few longer pieces of wood, which he had to buy new and use to fill in parts of the flooring.


Upon entering Douglas’ one-of-a-kind design, visitors feel as if they have embarked on a sailing adventure. The entire project was inspired by his love of the nautical. He has been meticulous in every detail of the design, incorporating the theme within every room. This can be seen from the anchor in the kitchen, salvaged from a boat wrecked by Hurricane Fabian, to the appropriately named bathroom, which is better known as ‘the head’.

Woodburning fireplaceWood-fired central heating: Leave your heating bills out in the cold

By Felix Tod

Now that winter is behind us – hopefully! – we have all those heating bills to look forward to. Cold, damp nights with all the radiators on and the AC on reverse cycle soon add up.


The Government’s Green Paper states that Bermudians emit more pollution per capita than China, so it's time to look at woodburning stoves, a cleaner and cheaper heating alternative, for next winter.

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