greenkids1.jpgGreen Kids: Websites and Books

This summer, bring your kids into the world of Greenrock with our Green Kids Summer Series. This month, we offer some of the top websites and books available to share your love of the environment and sustainable living with your children. Next month, tune back in for some great activities and challenges for them to put what they’ve learned to the test.


batteries.jpgProduct Stewardship: Is it worth the hassle?

It is unlikely that you consider your cell phone to be a ticking time bomb or the package of batteries you buy toxic sludge. Undoubtedly, you do not buy disposable razors in an attempt to destroy the environment, nor do you buy bottled water thinking that the plastic will burn nicely in our incinerator.

BioDiesel now on Sale in Bermuda

by Felix Tod, April 29, 2008

Greenrock is pleased to announce that Biodiesel is now on sale in Bermuda.  Joshua Bates Trading Company has just been certified by the Bermuda Government's Environmental Protection agency to sell Biodiesel. Biodiesel is up to 20% cheaper and made from 100% waste cooking oil.It is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

organicproduce2.jpgShould my family go organic?

Thanks to the City Market at Bull’s Head, shopping for locally grown, organic produce has never been easier. The crowds swarm to what is still referred to by most as “the farmer’s market” every Saturday morning, most proudly carrying their reusable bags, making the event a real community affair. In fact, you’ll likely see the same faces there week after week, as well as perusing the imported organic produce at the supermarket. But why are some so committed to organic and locally grown produce while others remain so mystified by the concept?

toptenweb.jpgTop Ten Green Websites

It’s never been so easy to be green … with the Greenrock Management Committee’s top ten must-read websites! These online resources will give you tips, ideas and how-tos for everything from reducing your carbon footprint to organics and eating green.


And we’d love to hear from you! Nominate your favourite site for inclusion in our list by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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According to The Footprint Network, which measures the ability of the planet to produce resources and absorb waste, our resource use and waste production is 60% more than the earth can produce or absorb annually.

This overshoot is the result of decisions that we each make every day. We seek to generate debate and to influence people to change their behaviour.We strive to be catalysts: Success for us is when we can Change the Mindset so that sustainable use of resources is included in decision-making for individuals, government or businesses. ... read more

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