Our main event of 2007, Heather Nova and Friends Festival of Music , was the first time that Bermuda experienced biodegradable picnicware.  We were aiming for a minimal waste event, so we had it organized with Marsh Folly that the biodegradable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins would be put in the island's largest compost facility.

A few tips about the disposal of biodegradables:
They should ideally go in a commercial compost that gets hot enough to break things down (Marsh Folly). The manager at Marsh Folly will accept biodegradables along with other yard waste. 
People with a home compost should cut up plates, bowls etc for faster compostng. 

Here are some facts from the biodegradable store website:
How long does it take for BioGrade cutlery to compost or biodegrade?

BioGrade biodegradable forks, spoons and knives are made from a combination of cellulose and limestone.  Being completely heat-stable, these utensils begin to breakdown upon entering a compost friendly environment with the right temperature and bacteria.  BioGrade utensils will biodegrade in approximately 90-120 days and are certified compostable according to DIN Certco test.  To speed composting time, we recommend breaking the cutlery in half prior to composting. 

How long does it take for bagasse (sugarcane) to fully biodegrade and compost?

Bagasse is fully compostable and biodegradable.  In commercial composting conditions, bagasse will compost in approximately 45-60 days.  Composting may take longer in a home composting bin.

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